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   Company of oil products:

        · Light oil

        ·Anthracene oil

        · DCO (creosote)

        · Phenol removal by oil

        ·200 # solvent oil

        · Fuel oil

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Light oil

Definition: cut in the distillation of coal tar distillation range before 170 ℃ Of the distillate. Colorless transparent or yellowish in ambient temperature and pressure Color liquid with special smell, insoluble in water. Density at 650 -750kg/m3. Not more than 0.08% sulfur content, paraffin content of not more than 60%, not more than 12% aromatic content, olefin content of not more than 1.0%. Main purposes: used as a fertilizer, raw materials for ethylene production and catalytic reforming, can also be used in the production of solvent oil, or as a blending component of gasoline products.


Anthracene oil

indicators:300-360 ° C in the definition: coal tar distillate, the main component of a complex mixture of anthracene, phenanthrene, carbazole and other aromatic hydrocarbons. Executive Standard: GB / T 24211-2009 Key    

Density :1.080-1 .180g/ml The main purposes: the manufacture of coatings, electrodes, pitch coke, carbon black, wood-preserving oil and pesticides and other raw materials, mainly used for the extraction of crude anthracene, acenaphthene, fluorene, phenanthrene, carbazole and other chemical raw materials. Used to configure the carbon black feedstock oil, road asphalt, fuel oil can also be used for wood preservation and preparation.


DCO, phenol removal by oil:

The main purpose:For the extraction of phenols and pyridine bases, washed carbolic oil for the preparation of the coumarone indene resin.


200#Solvent oil

Implementation of standards:Q/JSHG 102-2008

he main indicators: distillation range       
        Initial boiling point           140
        98%Distillation temperature      200
        Density(20)    0.86-0.90 kg/m3
        Exterior          Colorless or light yellow
        Flash point (closed)      33

Main purpose: used as a paint industrial solvents and thinners.


Fuel oil:

Implementation of standards:Q/JSHGT  105-2007


Key Indicators:

        Density(20)     1.24 g/cm3
        Viscosity(E100)     10
        Flash point (COC)   120
        Heat          311.5 mg/kg
        Sulfur content           0.8%
        Water            1.0%

Main purposes: for the furnace, ship boilers, metallurgical furnaces, and industrial boiler fuel.



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