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    Naphthalene products:

        · Solid industrial naphthalene

        · Liquid industrial naphthalene

        · Refined Naphthalene

        · Fine naphthalene residual oil

        · Industrial methylnaphthalene

        · Wash oil

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Industrial naphthalene

Defined:The main ingredient is naphthalene, crystallization point in the 77.5 ° C The above products.

Implementation of standards:GB/T 6699-1998

Key Indicators:Crystallization point
         Superior product 78.3℃
         First grade 78.0℃
         Qualified products 77.5

The main purpose:Production of phthalic anhydride, dyes, resins, alpha-naphthoic acid and water-reducing agent such as raw materials.


Refined Naphthalene

Defined:The main ingredient is naphthalene, the product of the crystallization point in more than 79.3 ℃.

Implementation of standards:GB/T 6699-1998

Key Indicators:Crystallization point

        Superior product :≥79.8℃

        First grade :≥79.6℃

        Qualified products:≥79.3℃

The main purpose:Used in the manufacture of dye intermediates, moth balls, leather, wood protection agents.

Industrial methylnaphthalene

Defined:Re-processing of coal tar distillate, methyl naphthalene content of products in more than 60%.

Implementation of standards:YB/T 5153-93

Key Indicators:Methyl naphthalene content
         First grade 70%

         Second Grade 60%

The main purpose: Extraction of β-methylnaphthalene raw materials, production of raw MF dispersants.



Wash oil:

Defined:Coal tar in the 230-300 ° C distillate.

Implementation of standards:GB/T 24217-2009

Key Indicators: Distillation range  

                  230℃ Before         270℃ Before       300℃ Before
         First grade3%       ≥70%      ≥90%
         Second Grade 3%           —        90%

The main purpose:Used as a wash benzene, washed naphthalene, extract methylnaphthalene, biphenyl, acenaphthene, fluorene and other raw materials.



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