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Ju Sheng from 1998 into the benzene in the trade, and now products of benzene has six kinds, as follows:

    Company benzene products

      · Benzene

        · Crude benzol

        · Light benzene

        · Heavy mass of benzene



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Implementation of standards:GB/T 2283-2008

Key Indicators:Superior product
         Benzene content 99.90%
         Total sulfur 1 mg/kg
         Crystallization point 5.45

The main purpose: Basic chemical raw material, used as a solvent and synthesis of benzene derivatives, spices, dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, explosives, rubber and so on.


Crude benzol

Implementation of standards:YB/T 5022-1993

Defined:Aromatics products recovered from the coking coal gas, the main component of benzene and its homologues, including processing of crude benzol and solvent crude benzol.

Key Indicators:


The main purpose:For products deep-processing system of benzene, toluene, xylene, benzene, toluene, xylene are valuable basic organic chemical raw materials.


Light benzene

Implementation of standards:YB/T 5022-1993

Defined:The crude benzene by distillation, the distillate 96% distillation temperature of not more than 150 ° C product.

Key Indicators:


The main purpose:The crude benzene by distillation, the distillate 96% distillation temperature of not more than 150 ° C product.



Implementation of standards:GB/T 2284-2009

Key Indicators:Superior product
         Non-aromatics 1.2%

        Total sulfur 2 mg/kg

The main purpose: Synthetic organic chemical raw materials, organic solvents used in the manufacture of explosives, pesticides, benzoic acid, dyes, synthetic resins and polyester.



Implementation of standards:GB/T 6705-2008

Key Indicators:Superior product

         Initial boiling point 135.0

         End 145.0

The main purpose:Important organic chemical raw materials, extensive role in organic solvents for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, coatings, resins, dyes, explosives and pesticides.


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