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The return to the community

Ju Sheng Chemical under the leadership of the chairman and managing director Ji Chunrong, has always focused on philanthropy. "Helping the poor is charity schools is educating people is a virtue." Ji Dong mantra. Back to society, the financing of social charity, community services for elderly people, social welfare undertakings has become a giant Sheng indispensable over the years Small proportion.





Jinzhai County, eight River Central Elementary School at heart, love of a thousand miles donor activities


2007 The In March, the company participated in the eight River Central Elementary School in Jinzhai County at heart, the financial situation of a thousand miles love hand in hand, donation and donor activities, the company established within the Charity Foundation, the collective funding of a Zhang Di children, until she finished school. Members of the Foundation donors per person, the balance of activities of the Foundation funds, and organize regular activities, gathering together to talk, informed of the current situation of the children, such as academic performance, physical condition.

5.1 during the The 5000 I schoolbags, stationery and children's literary classics and 3000 in cash. An on-going emotional and financial assistance, concerned about the growth of mountain children.



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