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Its first dangerous chemicals transportation and logistics companies, "Kerry Lu Motor Transport Co., Ltd. was established

2010 In order to alleviate the transport pressure of the Motor Transport Co., Ltd. of Shanghai Giant of treasure, in order to better serve our customers, to reflect the giant Sheng's service concept, the Board of Directors and related leadership After careful consideration, decided to acquire the "Kerry Lu Motor Transport Co., Ltd.".

The Shanghai Jia Lu Motor Transport Co., Ltd. was established in 1997 state-owned collective unit is formed by the Jiading District, Shanghai Lu tube. 2011 In January, the giant of treasure Motor Transport Co., Ltd. merger, Kerry Miss Motor Transport Co., Ltd., the new set up into a set of large-scale warehousing, transportation, distribution, sub- pick for the integration of third-party logistics services.

The The The company is mainly engaged in Shanghai to domestic general cargo, dangerous goods long-distance green transport, to undertake the enterprise logistics agency, goods distribution sorting, terminal transit, warehousing and other services. The company has all kinds of goods vehicles, motor vehicles, tanker vehicles 30 I vehicles, along with effective communication tools, satellite positioning systems. Has 70 I large-scale three-dimensional tank, the storage capacity of 2 Wan m 3, can provide customers with long-term storage and transportation of goods. The company has long-term cooperation with Baosteel Pudong Gas Works, Shanghai Coking Plant, Maanshan Iron & Steel Company, Baoshan Iron and Steel, Nanjing Branch, Shanghai, paint factory, Runtu Group and other large customers, the quality and quantity of completed major companies of the transport task, strictly to comply with the provisions and requirements of customers, through their constant efforts to improve the appreciation and affirmation of the majority of customers.

The The After a long train, creating a wealth of experience, focus on learning, rich sense of mission and have good team spirit, staff, independent development and construction of computer networks and information management platform, the internal management of the entire process of logistics and computer-based tracking service. Able to provide a full range of customer cargo tracking and tracing, storage and warehousing, warehouse, shipping computers a single row, and vehicle scheduling, Computer Management, professional operation, to provide customers with integrated, network, technology and unique integrated high-quality logistics services.

The The company to meet customer demand for the target to use the telephone, mail, web, fax and other customer communication as the main media, the establishment of from the interaction and collaboration with customers, access platform, complete customer service and care process solutions, service capabilities dramatically.

The The Adhering to the "Sincerity-oriented, customer" principle of service, quality service to customers to reduce costs, maximize the benefits for our customers to create a good room for growth.

The The Future the company will forge ahead, working hard to better adapt to market needs, provide a full range of services to better serve customers, seek common development and growth.


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