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The return to the community

Ju Sheng Chemical under the leadership of the chairman and managing director Ji Chunrong, has always focused on philanthropy. "Helping the poor is charity schools is educating people is a virtue." Ji Dong mantra. Back to society, the financing of social charity, community services for elderly people, social welfare undertakings, has become a giant Sheng for many years an integral part of.





512 Wenchuan Earthquake


5 the month 12 day afternoon point 28 points , Sichuan Province, China 8.0 earthquake. The earthquake caused huge losses, and led to hundreds of thousands of casualties.

Ji Dong respond to the first time, donated 50,000 yuan of emergency relief funds, and immediately mobilized employees to participate in the donation scheme, 80% of employees in the donor box gave his a loving, to raise money for a total of 7005 yuan. All donations to the Red Cross Society of China to contribute to the disaster area long-term reconstruction.


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