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's first company engaged in energy saving and environmental protection in the Upper Austria Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established

2007 In response to national policy, develop new energy, adjusting the product structure, the Board of Directors and the leadership of the giant Sheng After careful consideration, decided to set up energy-saving and environment-friendly enterprises, "Upper Austria Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd.".

The Upper Austria Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established in April 2007, the company in Shanghai and the country enjoys a high reputation, the importance of the talent technology and innovative ideas to peer companies elusive. Rooted in a solid corporate culture, of Upper Austria to its business philosophy to play to the best level of market share has been upgraded.
With the rapid social and economic development needs of all aspects of growing, in the driving position can not be separated from the training of personnel and the introduction of complicated competition in the market. Upper Austria Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. adhering to people-centered concept of employment and training culture of the existing staff, while the introduction of high-tech talent to ensure that product innovation and development. In June 2009, only the development of more than a year of Upper Austria, with the personnel strength and technological innovation, has been identified as high-tech enterprises in Shanghai.


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