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Jusheng  sustainable development

Jusheng Chemical Co., Ltd. since its inception, as a set of R & D and production of chemical products, warehousing, sales, and the coal trade as one of the large emerging integrated enterprise facing challenges from all sides in order to avoid the brutal competition in the market. gradually kill the company to proceed from a number of effective basic grasp of the industry's advanced technologies and processes, to maintain a reasonable product structure, to establish a stable network, and implementation of effective cost control management, and gradually grow towards enterprise sustainable the key to the pace of development.

a Talent

The Ju Sheng convinced that personnel development is the implementation of

The The continuing development of the fundamental. to arouse people's enthusiasm

, glow with the vitality of the people is to enhance the vitality of enterprises, push

move the fundamental enterprise development:

1, establish personnel training, selection, use,

introduction and incentives, in accordance with the R & D talent,

with personnel and operating personnel of the different characteristics of To develop

The talent development program.

2, the development of technical personnel assessment and incentive policies,

improve the distribution system, have made outstanding contributions from

do the basic work, grassroots work of key positions and hard positions of personnel to implement tilt allocated to policy.

3, carrier to create a learning-oriented enterprises, targeted employees to conduct full, comprehensive education and skills training work, study and master new knowledge, new technology, so that more people understand the backbone of technology and business management talent.

4, further establish respect for labor, respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for creation of good habits, so that more talents can fore, contribute to the development of enterprises.

II, enterprise innovation

Enterprise, innovative enterprises to seize the market information potential profit opportunities, re-organization of production conditions and elements, to establish the effectiveness of a stronger, more efficient and lower cost production and management systems, and thus the introduction of new products, new production technologies and methods, opening up new markets, obtain new supply of raw materials or semi-sources The further promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

The Giant Sheng adhere to independent innovation, and develop outstanding technical talents to grow the research team. Innovation at the same time, learn from other new technologies in the same industry, the new results at the same time the introduction of high-tech The three corporate culture

The Ju Sheng has been the ideological construction of the sustainable development of the characteristics of modern corporate culture, and provide the workers with a strong and durable material and spiritual strength. The core of the giant Sheng corporate culture "and" believed and expensive is the basis of steady development.

First, the "home". Family Harmony, Ju Sheng is a big family, by to create mutual respect, mutual cooperation in harmony working atmosphere, cultivate team spirit unity, cooperation, unity is the basic characteristic, so that in terms of ideology Hexin action on co-production work work together, so that everyone felt the feeling of home, and allow enterprises to a steady and rapid development in harmony.

Between departments and enterprise is to be harmonious, mutual aid, in the process of rapid operation of enterprises, departments, mutual coordination and coordination is critical to enterprises through the positions of key employees in various departments in turn, strengthen interoperability between the various departments, truly sustainable development.

Third, the "people" and on the life and work, Ju Sheng pay more attention to a man to do in advance is an important criteria for giant Sheng train employees. for each employee, we require to achieve inner harmony and cultivate the fame and fortune, the quiet dedication of a good attitude, correctly handle the self- the relationship between groups, the correct treatment of honor, the setbacks and difficulties.

four, enterprise system

a, strengthen management. work to firmly establish the idea of ??living an austere life, and implementing the financial policies for the implementation of the tightening of expenditure, the full implementation of the budget management cost management before problems occur, and establish a strict target cost pre-control management system.

Second, the cost control. To deepen the awareness of everyone's responsibility to the by Compression office expenses, entertainment expenses, supplies conservation, scientific use of paper, strict equipment and instruments Chaxiu maintenance system to reduce the maximum depletion to reduce the expenditure of maintenance costs, a drop of water from the savings, kilowatt, one made of paper onwards, strengthen management, savings and consumption reduction, strengthening the management of consumables purchase and sale, to strictly control cost expenditures, reduce non-productive expenditure, and put an end to unreasonable expenditure to reduce the cost of doing business.

Third, a variety of business philosophy. From a single species to a variety of business, from trade to production from the coking products, fine chemicals, existing technical resources driven by a variety of business-based, to a variety of business to promote the implementation of the various elements of the original work with a variety of business development companies have been walking the concept of sustainable development of a diversified economy.

The five core competitiveness of enterprises

Ju Sheng's company will benzene recycling utilization as the company's core, high-quality resources to drive the downstream production chain of the benzene corporate brand, good quality play, leading the Chinese market towards the door to the world.

In the process, we require excellence, quality to the pursuit of a higher and better quality brand on the internationally renowned enterprises as the direction in sales, we create an effective elite team, and ultimately enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises , to lead the sustainable development of enterprises.


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