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The integrity law-abiding operators security and transparency concept of the value of employees


our values 

The Jusheng has been to obtain relevant information, reducing customer

trading risks, protect the interests of customers as their responsibility.

The specification , Germany is the core principles of our business processes.

the Ju Sheng The driven corporate culture based on the following principles:

the integrity

the Ju Sheng 's success depends on the integrity of the employees, their compliance with the

to keep the following principles:

the Ju Sheng Or family receive it on behalf of corporate customers or for Should be the provider of any gift or favor. Such as breach of the principles, relevant staff will be dismissed immediately.

Ju Sheng All employees have responsibilities to report any corruption that may be involved in the company's business.

Ju Sheng any employee shall not, directly or through intermediaries, from Ju Sheng's competitors, customers or suppliers to obtain the legitimate interests.

commercial transactions in the actual conflict of interest or any show signs of a conflict of interest should be strictly avoided.

the Law-abiding operators

Ju Sheng , strict compliance with operates all national laws and regulations.

Ju Sheng adhere to business dealings only with suppliers that comply with local labor laws.

Ju Sheng , is committed to maintaining close ties with law enforcement, and events to help track and prosecute corruption.

to between the different national laws conflicting or ambiguous situations create employees to management for comment.

Ju Sheng , very proud of their own business. In addition to the firmly to comply with all local laws and regulations, but also to develop the necessary Safeguards to ensure the effective implementation of relevant policies in the Ju Sheng within the organization as a whole.

the integrity

Ju Sheng strict compliance with employment laws and regulations in China, insisted with any employment of children less than 14 years and the Chinese territory of any employ less than The 16-year-old children in the factory business dealings. And, if the inspectors or auditors made any such case, will be immediately notify the relevant departments.

customers will regularly receive more information on order progress.employees will not disclose any confidential information to any third party - Including our customer lists, specific details of the transaction, any power of brain data or programs.

any policies relating to personal privacy and information protection in the registration process, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

the the values ??of ju sheng

⒈ us must thank and continue to win customers for our company and the trust of all employees and strive to maintain good customer reputation and industry Services. Our experience shows that only the customer satisfied with our service, we can be successful.

⒉ integrity and the integrity of professional standards for all employees and norms of behavior. We hope that all employees in their work and personal Life can maintain the highest ethical standards. Not only do we respect the legal documents, and more respect for the true spirit of the law.

⒊ , as a Production service companies, we know that the best employees, it is not the best companies. Therefore, we have been efforts Force to draw the community the best and most passionate people, providing them with opportunities to help them grow.

⒋ We recognize that the best development opportunities for innovation sources the customer. Therefore, we will continue to listen carefully to the views of customers and recommendations.

⒌ of IT is to achieve high efficiency and high standards outstanding enterprises of this goal pillar of strength.

⒍ We advocate on providing customers with the best intuitive and simple solution, which is the development of Endeavors.

⒎ the We firmly believe that our services and philosophy is the best But we continue to seek to improve. The arrogance and complacency is our biggest enemy.

⒏ company belongs to every one of us, every employee.


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