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Jusheng History
  1995   giant Sheng predecessor Giant Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. was established.
1995 to enter the asphalt, waterproof coatings market.
1996 open the fuel oil market.
1998 trade investment benzene.
2000 turnover exceeded 25 million, and discuss the establishment of the "giant Sheng Chemical Co., Ltd.
2001 purchase of land.
2002 its first coal trading company Shanghai Luwan Fuel Co., Ltd. was established.
2002-2003  construction of the infrastructure of the giant Sheng Chemical Co., Ltd. "office building, tank, reservoir area.
2003 turnover exceeded 100 million.
2004 giant Sheng Chemical Co., Ltd. was formally established and put into operation.
2005 's first transportation and logistics companies, "Ju Bao line Motor Transport Co., Ltd. was established. In the same year turnover exceeded 300 million.
2006 the development of fine chemical industry, including a solvent oil, anticorrosion and waterproof coating, asphalt technology development. In the same year turnover exceeded 400 million.
2007 's first company engaged in energy saving and environmental protection in the Upper Austria Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. was established.
2008 's first in fine chemical production company "Jiangsu Chemical Co., Ltd. was established.
2010 's first dangerous chemicals transportation and logistics companies, "Kerry Lu Motor Transport Co., Ltd.," or set up.
2011 enter the international market. The same year turnover exceeded 450 million.

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